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ECU Specifications

The EMS Stinger 4424 (Engine Management computer) is programmed in real time via Laptop. It controls both Fuel and Sequential Ignition. The heart of the Stinger is an embedded Motorola Microprocessor, which has proven performance and reliability as in its bigger version “The Dual Sport”.

All systems have a built in map sensor which allows for Barometric pressure compensation (due to changes of weather conditions).

This series embraces the latest electronic technology and utilizes 3D graphs which allows for fine tuning and due to its overall more compact size is cost effective.

The 3D surface graph enables the tuner to get an instant visual representation of the engines fuel and ignition curves. Thus visual feedback quickly shows any erroneous data so tuning becomes faster and safer. The analog style gauges, display real time engine data giving more information at a glance. EMS has an optional Data Logging system that the user can call up at any time.

The powerful Data Logging application will log up to 10 selectable parameters to the laptop, e.g. Rpm, Throttle position, etc. and display them in text or graphical format. After logging, the data can be studied in closer detail to see the engines behavior, during any time period of logging session.

The Stinger ECU is software selectable to allow greater engine adaptability from a V8 to a 4 Cylinder to a rotary to a boat or motorbike.

The variable injector resolution gives you finer injector control and smoother engine performance.

A base map is set up in each ECU and a tuned map can be supplied (upon purchase).

The Stinger can be configured to operate using Throttle position or vacuum load points (11 load points every 500rpm to 12000rpm).

The Stinger will allow you to Data log (optional) on board your laptop with endless memory for your data to be stored and played back anytime.

You can down load or up load at any time from your laptop to disk or straight to your EMS ECU.

EMS recommends you use a Pentium (>150) with Windows 95 capability (or onwards).

To download software click here

Built in Features (Standard with all ECU’s)

  • Injector types eg, Multi-Point 1, Multi-Point 2 & Throttle Body
  • Anti-Lag, Drag and Rally
  • Selectable sensor applications eg
  • Magnetic or Hall
  • Selectable triggers
  • Selectable No. Cylinders
  • Selectable Ignition types
  • Stage Injection
  • Boost Cut
  • Rev Limit (Rev Soft)
  • Rev Cut
  • On Board Map Sensor

Engine Status
Displays current status of engine. ie

  • Water temperature in Deg C ( -20 to +235 )
  • Air temperature in Deg C ( -20 to +235 )
  • Manifold pressure in K.P.A ( -100 to + 155 )
  • Engine RPM ( 0 to 12500 )
  • Fuel pulse in milliseconds (mS) ( configurable )
  • Battery voltage in Volts ( 6.5 to 23 )
  • Throttle position in % opening ( 0 to 100 )
  • Ignition in Deg. advanced (Static to 51°)


  • Built in manifold pressure sensor to measureengine load.
  • Barometric pressure compensation. (Autocompensation for different weather conditions and changes in altitude).
  • Internal battery voltage sensing and compensation.
  • Air temperature sensing (compensation to Fuel or Ignition)
  • Water temperature sensing (compensation to Fuel or Ignition)
  • Programmable for different Air/Water Sensors.
  • Selectable - Hall, magnetic or optical on trigger circuit.
  • Selectable - Hall, magnetic or optical on sync circuit.
  • Throttle position sensing


  • Adjustable ignition timing ( 0 - 51 Deg. Advance in 0.2 Deg. increments).
  • Adjustable dwell control ( 0 - 5 mS).
  • 4 Ignition outputs for sequential ignition timing.
  • 4 injector drivers incorporating 4 to 1 current ratio for injector response and lower power consumption

2 Auxiliary outputs

  • Each o/p has 12 options – eg, Boost control, thermo fans,NOS, Tacho, Warning lights, A/conditioning control,Water Methanol Inj., Shift light, Idle control, Cam control (Vtec), Fuel pump control with automatic safety cut out if engine stalls, and many more.

Optional feature - Data Logging to Laptop



General Specifications  
High speed Motorola processor with enhanced timer and 32 Bit maths processing. Calculates engine control parameters over 660 times per second. YES
Flash memory for easy software updates YES
Quality Standard ISO 9002
Warranty on parts and labour 1 Year
High RF suppression YES
Low heat generation YES
Water proof connector with gold plated contacts NO
Case size 149x175x43
Weight 0.85 Kg
Case material durable extruded aluminium YES
Cylinders 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,16
Engine Types 2 stroke, 4 stroke and Rotary 1 to 4 YES
Lock ECU with password security YES
Computer Software  
Tuning and Setup software YES
Data logging and analysis software YES
Built-in Help YES
Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP YES
3D real-time programming YES
Operating Conditions


Temperature range -40 to 85 Celsius
Operating Voltage 6 – 25 Volts
Revers Battery Protection YES
Injection Control Outputs


Drivers peak & hold 4
Driver Peak Current Saturation
Driver Hold Current Saturation
Automatic battery voltage compensation YES
Injector Control System


Accuracy/Resolution 0.00001 sec
Real-time programmable RPM and load sites YES
Real-time insertion of RPM and load sites NO
3D tuning table RPM X Load sites (Maximum) 26 X 11
Fuel table RPM/Load sites are independent of Ignition table NO
Overall trim YES
Secondary balance injector adjustment YES
Adjustable engine and air temperature compensation YES
Adjustable MAP YES
Acceleration enrichment/decay YES
Cold start enrichment YES
Ignition Control Outputs


Number of outputs 4
Directly connect to most OEM ignition systems YES
Programmable ignition current (dwell) YES
Ignition Control System


Accuracy/Resolution 0.2 degrees
Real-time programmable RPM and load sites YES
Real-time insertion of RPM and load sites NO
3D tuning table RPM X Load sites (Maximum) 26 X 11
Ignition table RPM/Load sites are independent of Fuel table NO
Overall Trim YES
Adjustable dwell time YES
Trigger sensors


Compatible with most OEM trigger systems YES
Magnetic auto tracking and zero crossing detection YES
Hall YES
Optical YES
Multi-tooth YES
1 or 2 missing teeth YES
Nissan optical YES
Input sensors


Throttle Position, Manifold pressure, Battery volts, engine & air temp YES
Extra auxiliary inputs 0
Air/Fuel ratio inputs  
Number 1
Narrow Band YES *
Wide Band YES
Bosch LSM type YES
A/F Range 10.0 – 16.0
Resolution 0.1 A/F
Data logging


Unlimited logging to laptop computer YES
User selectable ECU parameters to log YES
Logging parameter rate 70 / sec approx
Special Functions


Traction and launch control NO
Anti lag  (overrun boost control) YES
Dual RPM Limit (hard and soft) YES
Nitrous Oxide control YES
Air conditioner control YES
Over run fuel cut YES
Sensor calibration tables YES
Programmable sensor calibrations YES
Output circuits  
Number PWM/Digital 2/2
Stepper motor outputs 0
Output circuit Usages  
Variable Valve Timing control YES
Water injection YES
Boost control YES
Idle control YES
Tacho output YES
Shift light YES
Warning alarm YES
RPM / Load dependant devices YES
Fuel pump control YES
Thermatic fan control YES
Air conditioner control YES
What ever else you may think of YES
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