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Welcome to Automotive Engine Management's dealer area.

To become a dealer and be eligible for our product wide discounts you will need to register an account with our online shop here.

Discount Type Progressive Unit Purchase Percentage Discount
Customer 0 Units 0%
Dealer 3-9 Units (4424 Stingers or 4860/6860/8860s) 15%

Your percentage discount is applicable once the total number of units you have purchased reaches the next tier. For example, if you purchase 2 8860s in one transaction and then later on purchase a single 4424 Stinger, your discount rate of 15% will only apply to the last transaction which is for the 4424 Stinger. If on the other hand you decided to buy the 2 8860s and 4424 Stinger all at once, you would get a 15% discount on all 3 items. Purchasing of other items from our shop does not influence this system, only purchases of 4424 Stingers and 4860/6860/8860s.

Please note:
There is also a bulk-buy discount that is applicable on orders of 10 or more units (4424s and 4860/6860/8860s). This discount will give you 18% off the total price of the units purchased and is applicable only to that purchase, from then onwards you will only be eligible for the dealer discount rate of 15%.

Discounts do not apply to shipping and handling charges. These are extra and will be added onto the total purchase cost on checkout.


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