All of EMS's management software has been designed to provide quick user-friendly access to all ECU features and settings. It is both an easy tool to learn for beginners and a powerful tuning system for experts. All software is menu and key-stroke driven with extensive online help screens. The software can be used either on-line (with an ECU attached) or offline (without an ECU attached).

ECU management software features
  • Tune Analyser system
  • 3D graphing
  • Output testing
  • Real-time gauges
  • User definable load points
  • Auto load point positioning
  • Real-time insert and removal of load points
  • File copy
  • Data logging
  • Password locking
  • Windows Explorer-like file manager
  • On-line help
  • User selectable operating modes
    • KPA
    • PSI
    • BAR
    • in HG
    • Fahrenheit
    • Celsius
    • Kelvin

To download a copy of our software please visit our Downloads section.

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